Miyoko Ihara

Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat

If you love a good cat photo, Miyoko Ihara's images of her grandmother and beloved cat will not disappoint you. From working in the fields to taking naps, these two are inseparable. Ihara not only explores the amazing bond between human and animal, but also tells the story of her elderly grandmother's life in Japan and the daily tasks she pursues. These images can be found in the beautiful book “Miyoko Ihara: Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.”

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In the Hobby Lobby cases, five male Justices of the Supreme Court, who are all members of the Catholic faith and who each were appointed by a President who hailed from the Republican party, decided that a huge corporation, with thousands of employees and gargantuan revenues, was a ‘person’ entitled to assert a religious objection to the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate because that corporation was ‘closely held’ by family members. To the average person, the result looks stupid and smells worse…

Next term is the time for the Supreme Court to go quiescent–this term and several past terms has proven that the Court is now causing more harm (division) to our democracy than good by deciding hot button cases that the Court has the power to avoid. As the kids says [sic], it is time for the Court to stfu.

Federal Court Judge Richard Kopf, who was appointed to a U.S. District Court in Nebraska by George H.W. Bush, slamming the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision in his personal blog, Hercules and the Umpire. (via cognitivedissonance)

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If we are to survive on this planet even for another hundred years, our approach needs to be revolutionary, not apathetic; creative, not dogmatic; scientific, not superstitious; and sustainable, not exploitative. But this will only take place when we learn from world history and formulate effective plans for change.

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The disintegration of Iraq is irreversible. At best, the Kurds, the Shiites and the Sunnis will carve out antagonistic enclaves. At worst, there will be a protracted civil war. This is what we have bequeathed to Iraq. The spread of our military through the region has inflamed jihadists across the Arab world. The resulting conflicts will continue until we end our occupation of the Middle East. The callous slaughter we deliver is no different from the callous slaughter we receive. Our jihadists—George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Perle, Thomas Friedman and Tommy Franks—who assured us that swift and overwhelming force in Iraq would transform the Middle East into an American outpost of progress, are no less demented than the jihadists approaching Baghdad. These two groups of killers mirror each other. This is what we have spawned. And this is what we deserve.

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How do I be happy?

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Smile and be grateful for all the positive things in your life.

Don’t obsess over what you don’t have. 

Surround yourself with good books or true friends. (Hopefully both.)

Understand that finding love is the easy part. Keeping it, is the real challenge.

Remember it’s almost impossible to be happy all the time, so accept the times you are miserable. 

Above all, be kind to people.

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